Our work is defined as professional in the tasks we are entrusted with.

Welcome in the world of professional accounting. We are a progressive accounting agency offering the following services: comprehensive accounting settlements, not only in order to keep the correct Revenue accounts, but above all assisting your business management. We are doing our level best to allow you to handle the executive aspects of your business, while we take care of the accounting duties of the company and the Revenue matters. We also care for the services we provide to support the decision-making process of the executive boards and company owners. Based on long term and successful cooperation with skillful/excellent lawyers and tax advisors, we also offer managerial support to guide you through the process of starting your own business or setting up a partnership enterprise, comprehensively and effectively. We are convinced, that nowadays, with no territorial downscaling, your accountancy can be successfully held from the distant places using the remote solutions and carrier services. We guarantee our proficiency within the profession and reasonable prices of the services offered.

Accounting agency Elwira Ścibor-Heksel

Professional accountancy provides a wide range of services for business with Polish and foreign capital.

Accounting services

  • managing books of account
  • opening books of account and handling the bank accounts plan for new companies
  • handling revenue and expense ledger, tax on recorded revenue without deductible costs/flat rate tax, Tax Card/patent tax/flat rate tax

Reporting and declarations

  • financial reporting
  • internal reporting in purposes of managerial accountancy and optimization of business costs
  • managing tax declarations, PIT, CIT, VAT and local taxes, tax on civil law transactions, etc.
  • drawing up the reports for statistic purposes
  • drawing up the reports for NBP purposes and tax accounting related to transactions with non-residents
  • managing payroll and human resources, clearing all types of employment contracts and civil law agreements
  • preparing documentation and ZUS settlement management
  • cooperation with external audit

Consulting and advisory services on other matters in fields of accountancy

Auxiliary services for the accounting departments

  • trainings for administrative staff, bookkeeping and fiscal accounting department
  • legal and tax consulting
  • personal and business coaching

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